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The Smith family

The Smith Family have had a difficult time over the last few years. Mrs Smith was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1992 and with the progression of this condition she has been unable to work. A year after receiving her own health diagnosis, Mrs Smith's husband was diagnosed with cancer. Sadly, he passed away in 2002.


Life has been difficult for the family and without the help of Mrs Smith's father it would be impossible. Her two daughters have had to become 'adults' before their time, helping their mother as much as possible.


Recently it was discovered that one of Mrs Smith's daughters needs braces. She knows this is important to her daughter's health and well-being, but will find it impossible to meet the cost as she is unable to work, and no public funding is available.


When the Rural Communities Trust heard her story, they decided to meet the costs of the dental work.


"This is what we are here for, to help rural families", says Chair of Rural Communities Trust Chrissy Pedersen.

Case studies


The Randall Family


Mr Randall was to undergo spinal surgery in Wellington. While ACC were able to cover his wife Janice's costs to Wellington, they were given no financial support to cover her accommodation costs. Rural Communities Trust were able to assist with $560, which enabled Janice to accompany her husband to Wellington.

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